The founders of ETLOK Studios, Akshay and his brother Siddharth have always been passionate about making games ever since they were kids. Forever the story teller, Akshay first got into progamming in order to learn how to make games. Likewise, Siddharth decided to pursue and career in 3D Modelling and Visual Effects. Although life took them in different directions at first, they always dreamt of building a game together. ETLOK Studios was born out of their passion and today has grown into an amazing company poised to take on the world of AAA games. What began with a vision to redefine how online multiplayer games are created has quickly spread like wildfire into a unique project never before seen by the gaming community. Although, we are only getting started, all of us at ETLOK Studions are super-excited about what we are building and we hope you will have as much fun playing our games as we are having building them. In fact, we promise to do everything in our power to make it so.

Core Values

ETLOK Studios is built on a set of core values and prinicpals which we promise to abide by no matter how hard things get. Our values apply not only to people who will play our games but also to our entire team and partners that are responsible for building them.

1. Collaboration

Whether we are making games or you are playing them, everyone is encouraged to work together towards achieving a common goal.


2. Trust & Respect

Everyone’s ideas, their identity as well as their beliefs shall be respected. Vulnerability shall not be treated as a weakness but a virtue.


3. Strive For Excellence

Excellence is about doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. We promise to do our best in everything we do at work, home and play.


4. Equality

All team members, customers or partners are treated as equal regardless of their gender, race, sexuality or beliefs. We do not tolerate any kind of racism, harassment, or abuse.


5. Truly Listen

Feedback both positive and negative is imperative to our success. We want our team, customers as well as partners to offer us feedback and we promise to listen.


6. Health

We value the physical and mental health of every one. We strive to make our physical and virtual environments healthy, safe and non-toxic to ourselves and players alike.